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North Idaho Militia Cargo Trailer Fund

North Idaho Militia is raising money to purchase an enclosed 6'x14' Cargo Trailer.

Having an enclosed cargo trailer will benefit our members, by making it easier to store and transport equipment used during training exercises. A trailer will also help to protect and preserve equipment when training in adverse weather conditions.

Hopefully this is what our trailer will look like, 6'x14' Cargo Trailer with our Logo on it.   Donate today

All money goes to the North Idaho Militia. Please contribute today. No donation is to small.

You can drop off your donation at our meetings or training. If you would rather donate by check, please send an email to us and ask for "donation by check details". Our email address is at the bottom right of this page.

Our Previous Fund Raiser "The Tent Fund"

This is a photo of our new Tent, thank you to all who donated. Donate today

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